Introduction to Hiking/Trekking

Enter the inexplicable world of Blue Ocean Discover Scuba Diving (An adventure Delight for Newcomers) It doesn’t requires any certificates, previous experience etc…………., just experience
Yes with a ½ hour instruction class, you can explore the underworld world, and it does not require any certification or special skill .Just get ready to Explore.
Andaman Escapades in Association with Planet Scuba (PADI Certified) introduces
Discover Scuba Diving
(An opening to the world Blue Ocean)
Trip Duration = One full Half Day
Diving Location = North Bay Coral Island
N0 of Dives = 1 Dive / Person 
Additional Dive = Extra Charges
Duration of the Trip = 5 to 6 Hours

Trip Overview
On this Day after a light breakfast we will head towards our centre for Scuba Diving. After having a few tips and briefing about Diving and the tour, we will proceed towards North Bay Coral island along with our diving experts & Guides. Get geared-up to explore the ship wreak point. (A submerged ship on the other side of North Bay Island, you can witness large gathering of colored fishes, groupers and many other creatures)

Trip Plan
On this day we will start at around 06.30 in the morning to catch a vehicle ferry to Bamboflat Island. And from their proceed further to the park. Upon reaching the check-point our forest guide will brief us a little about the tour and start the journey near the famous 20 Rs point. Traveling through the dense forest we will reach the North Bay coral island . A popular snorkeling site near to port Blair. Spend some time swimming and snorkeling and we will return back to Port blair in a ferry and then to the hotel.

  • Introduction to Hiking/Trekking

    Following in the literal footsteps of tribes, nomads, and cow paths; literally. Hiking and trekking is one of the most popular athletic activities on the planet. You don't need much gear, much experience, or much money. Everyone can do it. Many people do it in their daily lives and with a much bigger load. All you need is a good pair of hiking shoes or boots, access to food and water, and the know how to get where you want to go. Sometimes you will have a marker showing you the way, other times you need to cut your way through the jungle, machete in hand.

    There are subtle differences in hiking and trekking, although they often fall under the same category and take on the same meaning. Hiking is one of the easiest athletic endeavors known to man to start. You just need the ability to walk and a place in the wilderness to walk to and you are set. Trekking is slightly more technical in its truest form. You will need gear, food, camping equipment, and sometimes a guide. Usually trekking indicates a multiple day hike.

  • Things to Consider About Hiking/Trekking


    In the mountains the weather can change from sun to clouds, wind, rain, or snow in a matter of minutes. Even during the summer in many places the weather can be absolutely unpredictable. You need to prepare for any possible weather condition on a given trail, including proper clothing and equipment.


    Tragedy has struck hiking and trekking trails far too often, usually due to the carelessness of the hiker. Being lost or injured in the middle of the wild has proven tragic time and time again. These seemingly simple accidents lead often result disastrously. Occasionally the weather plays a part as well. Blizzard-like conditions that appear out of nowhere catch people unprepared. There are several very easy things you can do to help save yourself in an emergency situation. Walkie-talkies and cellular and even satellite phones are a big help if you are lost or injured. You can call the police, a park ranger, or someone else to let them know where you are at or might be. Flares and smoke signals that can be seen for miles around when lit can also help alert help.


    Hiking, just like walking or jogging, to get into shape is quite common. You can burn a tremendous amount of calories and add significant muscle mass by simply hiking into the mountains for a day. The steeper hills you walk, the more exercise and the bigger the burn in your calves.

    The best hikers are in incredible shape, although mild trails can be walked by almost anyone. If you are not properly prepared to hike in extreme locations, you will quickly confront the effects of sore muscles, blisters, nausea, dizziness, or altitude sickness. Some may get to a point on the trail where they become too tired to go on or go back. It's a dangerous game.


    When hiking in a strange country eating strange foods and the chance to drink unfiltered water is quite common, as are certain ailments. Medicines to counter these travel illnesses are recommended such as antibiotics and diarrhea medicine. If hiking in tropical areas protection/vaccinations for malaria or yellow fever may be necessary. If biking in high altitudes some medicine may be available. Always consult with your doctor before entering a strange country.

    Food and Water

    Conserving and refilling your energy is one of the most important aspects of hiking and trekking. Having enough food and water to finish your trek, as heavy as it can be, is of the utmost importance. Some may know to live off the land, but most do not and there isn't going to be a snack stand or McDonald's in the desolate reaches of a national park. Food high in carbohydrates is recommended. Pre-packaged meals that weigh only a few ounces each before water is added can be a lifesaver. Energy bars are good too. You rarely can carry enough water for a long trek, so be sure to bring a filter or iodine tablets to purify water from rivers, streams, and melted snow.


    Preparing for your Hiking/Trekking Trip Hiking/Trekking Training
    Hiking and trekking requires an immense amount of strength to do. While beginners may stick to low laying routes and only mildly steep ascents, advanced hikers and trekkers go for distance and over high passes where stamina and strength come first and foremost.

    There are numerous ways to train and prepare. Walking and jogging are excellent ways to train, but the single best pieces of exercise equipment are the stair stepper or elliptical machine The better shape you are in and the more practice you have hiking long distances and mountains, the better your trip will be. The purposes of your trip are to explore a new location, experience that location, and test the limits of your strength. Extreme pain and soreness are just wasting your time and money.

  • Tracking in Andaman Islands

    All our tracking expeditions are carried out along with a local Guide. And these tracking routes are based on following factors.
    • 1. The total time of Tracking / Hiking
    • 2. The Trackers experience and willpower
    • 3. Surrounding ambiance & Landscape
    • 4. Risk involved

    Andaman Islands with its sub-tropical rain forests, highly terrains provide an ideal opportunity for nature lovers, adventure travelers and for those who want to feel the greenery being close to the Mother Nature.

    The forest covers are so dense that it could be challenging but panoramic view of glittering blue sea with greenery all round will entice you to explore more and never come back.

    We have selected few tracking routes which are challenging, beautiful and leaves up to the mark of being a true tracking expedition of Andaman Islands. All our tracking expeditions are carried out along with a local Guide. And these tracking routes are based on following factors.

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  • Our tracking expedition Areas

    Our tracking expedition Areas
    Mount Harriet National Park

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India
    Wild Life: Crocodile, Andaman Wild Pig, Salt Sater, Turtle, Robber, and Crab
    Adventure: tracking , Night Camping , Snorkeling , wild life watch 
    Location: Andaman District
    Nearest Town: Port Blair
    Saddle Peak National Park

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India
    Wild Life: Whales, Andaman Wild Pig, Saltwater Crocodile, Andaman Hill Myna, Andaman Imperial Pigeon, Dolphins, Water Monitor Lizard

    Adventure: tracking , Wild life watch
    Location: Andaman District
    Nearest Town: Diglipur

    Cuthbert Bay Wild Life Sanctuary
    Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

    Wild Life: Turtle nesting, bird watching , fishing.
    Adventure: tracking, Wild life watch
    Location: Andaman District
    Nearest Town: Rangat

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