Andaman Escapades! Welcomes you to the colorful underwater world of Andaman Snorkeling, put your mask, dip your face beneath the surface and you are in a world of virgin and never explored corals. The coral sites around Andaman Island are tremendously rich and are almost available every where. On this trip while exploring some of this sites around the Southern and Northern Andaman like Diglipur, we will also visit some of the islands in Rector's archipelago where these sites are spread in wide areas and extremely rich and colorful . Thus making a trip of island exploration and of course Andaman snorkeling.

  • Day 1 – Arrival to Port Blair

    Welcome to the Andaman Islands! Today when you arrive in Port Blair, you will be met at the airport by a local Representative and driven to your hotel. You will be conformed at Sun Sea Resort in Port Blair. Basically a city centre hotel sun sea resort is one of the best 3* property in Port Blair. The Rooms are well maintained with all modern amenities.


    Check into your hotel, make yourself comfortable and enjoy lunch before departing for a Harbor Cruise to Viper Island.
    The moment you disembark on this tiny island you are confronted with a sigh: "Way to the Gallows". A path leads to the ochre-colored brick jail and the gallows built by the British in 1867. The stunning view from these gallows somehow accentuates the sheer horror of the place. Viper is named after a 19th century British trading ship that wrecked nearby.
    Enjoy dinner and the evening at your resort.

    Lunch & dinner at the Resort

  • Day 2 – Excursion tour to Wandoor marine national Part

    At a distance of 25 kms from Port Blair wandoor marine national park is home to many varieties of flora and fauna, there are 15 islands in this park and moment is restricted without permission. We will head off to mauha dera little early in the morning to beat the head and try to return back before the place gets crowded with local tourist. The Park has many small and big coral sites just 200 mts away from the shore. These sites are just 8 to 10 meters deep and complete visibility. By afternoon we will return to the hotel. Evening can take a city ride or spend some time in the near by restaurant. 

    Plan your own lunch and dinner.

  • Day 3 - Departure to Middle and North Andaman

    From the primitive time Andaman was a mysterious Islands full of nature, it was a route to many sea traders of Asia. But it was never explored because of its natives "The aborigines". Still these primitive men exist in few parts of islands and the Sentinelies from south Nicobar Island is hostile to any invasion, even for help. There numbers are depleting day by day. Because of increase in population day by and day and lesser number of resources to survive in the Jungle. Through this trip our intention is not to exploit this built with nature human beings but we will be enrooted to the middle Andaman Island. Our Representatives will guide you about the do and don'ts of this area. And we will take a luxury bus in between the reserved area as the moment of foreign nationals are restricted through private vehicles up to few kilometers. We reach a Jungle paradise of Baratang Island and halt for a night in this island. Upon arrival to the hotel check-in and relax for some time and then we will head for a never experienced trip. As the day finishes and the sun is about to set , as every creature except few comes back to their nest after a day long work, thousands of Parrots come back to the Parrot Island in Baratang. We will take our speed boat to witness this breathtaking phenomenon. You will surrounded by thousands of Parrots.
    Dinner & Night stay at Dew Dale Resort

    Plan your own lunch and dinner.

  • Day 4: Baratang Island and surrounding

    Wake up early in the morning, for a little more of bird watching. We will visit the near by beach where different kind of birds gather near the sea in search of their food. A fun watching the birds in the wilderness. And return to the resort enjoy the breakfast before meeting your guide for a sightseeing tour mangrove creek the creek here is dense and please note it is a crocodile sanctuary. We will return back and check-out the hotel, and embark on a 4 to 5 hour of ride to northern tip of Andaman Island. Even though diglipur is not a luxuries beach resort destination but still we will make our self comfortable in a neat & clean government guest house. Rest and relax the rest of the Day.
    Lunch on the move Dinner in Tourism Guest house in Diglipur North Andaman

  • Day 5: Ross & Smith Island

    Make this day little easy, after a long travel last day, morning we will head to the twin island of Ross and smith. These two islands are inter connected with sand bar and becomes two during high tide. And have few good sites around for snorkeling as well. We will pack our snorkeling gears and go on to visit this effervescent island. Spend your day as per your wish. Experience a trilogy of sun, sand and yourself as never before. In the afternoon we will visit the near by village and explore the culture and in the evening be ready to be a part of turtle Conservation , the beach near to the guest house is a turtle nesting ground , the locals forest officials have created a hatchery for turtle nesting . Be a part of this amazing process and help them releasing this newly born turtles into the sea.
    Areas around Ross and smith also have some good coral site.
    Enjoy dinner and the evening at the Guest House.

  • Day 6: On the Roads to Havelock Island (Return to Port Blair island)

    We will check the possibility of getting ferry from middle Andaman, or else return back to Port Blair for a night halt and take a ferry next day to Havelock Island.
    Breakfast lunch dinner will be as per the Convenience.

  • Day 7 - Sun, Sand, Beaches, Havelock Island

    After the excursion of last five day its time to rest and relax in a beach Radha Nagar beach is recognized by world tourism Organization as one of the best beaches of the world, spend rest of the holiday relaxing and enjoying the lovely island.
    We will stay at a beautiful sea side resort of Sea Shell. This resort has sea side cottages will all ultra modern facilities and a fell of staying in a sea side village.
    You can experience various sea foods at the resort. And spend the day relaxing near the beach with your drinks on.

  • Day 8 – Continue your expedition in Havelock. Explore some other coral sites

    Some of the sites are:

    Lighthouse Point
    This is a superb, exciting dive site with plenty of big fish action. A coral ridge runs from north and is interspersed with canyons; the bay itself has a mass of white sponges and healthy hard corals, whilst the reef is covered in large sea fans with several kinds of barrel sponges. There is plenty to see here – manta rays, eagle rays, rainbow runners, blue fin trivially, bump head parrotfish. The maximum depth is 32 m, with visibility averaging 25 m. Currents can be strong, therefore recommended for more experienced divers ( Excursion cost for this site is included in the Package ) .

     Some of the offshore sites for the tour
    (Please note excursion tours and snorkeling are separate for these off shore trips as it requires hiring special sea going yachts and the information below is copied from the internet after through excursion physically)

    North Button Island
    This is an easy dive – the bottom mainly comprises coral-covered rocks with patches of sand. Here you can find humpback snappers, giant groupers and schools of spiny foot and unicorn fish among mostly hard corals, with a few sea fans. There is a very good diversity and representation of reef fish and on the reef-flat are boulder corals, stag horns, coral laminates and finger corals. Maximum depth is 20 m and currents are weak to moderate.

    Barren Islands – Walls 'n' Ashes
    The island is an active volcano, and the coral here is still recovering from a 1995 eruption. The site offers a series of wall dives, with the main bottom in a depth exceeding 90m. This is an interesting dive but there are little coral on the walls. Between the walls are enormous areas of sloping black volcanic ash with many semi-buried dead and broken trees. Black sea fans, colorful crinoids and bushes of white stinging hydroids are in evidence, and hosts of orange encrusting sponges cover the rocks. Silvertip reef sharks come up in numbers from the depths to investigate. Dog-tooth tuna, giant barracuda, rainbow runners and trivially are characteristic of this site, which also has plenty of black-banded sea snakes. Maximum depth is 44m, and currents can be strong.

    South Button Island
    This is a good site with nice hard corals in the shallower waters and coral mounds at greater depths. The southern wall drops to 15 m from where a sandy slope continues down. Schooling hammerhead sharks can often be seen in the distance.

    Minerva Ledge
    This gently sloping offshore reef affords a nice shallow dive. The bottom here is almost rocky, with some healthy corals. The reef flat is at a depth of 9m. Many reef-fish are in evidence, as are visiting pelagic – look out for large potato cod, white tip reef sharks, big schools of blue-fin trivially and various spadefish.

    Invisible Bank – Flat Rock
    The topography is fairly dramatic, with scattered rocks over a sandy bottom, and the concentration of fish is incredible. The pelagic are especially noteworthy. It is difficult to know where to start, but you can expect to see schools of black unicorn fish, surgeonfish, mackerel tuna and trivially. Grey and white tip reef sharks are likely to be in evidence, as are nurse sharks, dog-tooth tuna, great barracuda, and giant and blue fin trivially. A fabulous dive spot, with plenty of big fish. Maximum depth is 16 meters, with visibility over 30 meters.

    North Cirque Island – Southeast Reef
    The southeastern part of the reef consists of tremendous hard and soft corals; these are very dense on the rocks down to about 16 meters, below which there is far more sand than rocks. The corals are very healthy and completely free of damage; they are amongst the healthiest in the region. There are many fish in evidence. Maximum depth is 22 metres and visibility can stretch as far as 30 meters, currents are minimal.

    Passage Island – Fish Rock
    This aptly named site offers an extremely colorful dive, with millions of fish. The topography consists of rocky slopes, boulders and drop-offs, featuring large fan corals and plenty of basket sponges. Below 25m the rocks are covered in small bushy soft corals in numerous hues. Grey and White tip Reef sharks are almost always in the vicinity, as are nurse sharks.
    Maximum depth is a whopping 35 meters, with visibility ranging from 10-40 meters

  • Day 9 – Discover Island

    We will take a ferry to Neil Island after arriving to the island check in to the tourist guest house, and discover the surrounding beaches.
    Neil’s Pride
    The bottom of this site is very pleasant, consisting of coral-covered rocks and pinnacles with lots of beautiful hard and soft corals. The reef slopes very steeply seawards. There is an excellent diversity and representation of marine life, including giant sweet lips which can go up to 1.5 m long, as well as manta rays, fusiliers, leatherback turtles and silvertip reef sharks. Maximum depth is a whopping 40m with 20m visibility.

  • Day 10 – Return back to Port Blair

    We will take a ferry back to Port Blair in the evening

    Day 11