Civilization ends at the waterline, they say. What happens thereafter is anyone’s Guess. So no Harm in carrying your house along if you plan to emulate Columbus for a few days. A house that can not only cut through the waves but can also double up as a luxury villa with a spanking kitchen to boot. In modern parlance, people call such houses, yachts.

If you own one, you have arrived in style. After all it’s Royal experience …..,

You can join a sailing cruise, get a crewed charter or feel the breeze in your hair chartering your own vessel. The choice is yours. The benefits of a crewed charter are that you don't have to hire the whole vessel yourself because you share it with others. The crew is supplied so you don't have to steer, haul sails, cook or clean yourself. However getting your own charter or your own boat opens up an endless choice of seas to explore.


    Weather you want to visit the effervescent islands of Red Skin and Jolly Boy or want to be at Ross and smith islands in Northern Andaman Islands at your will.
    Weather you want to explore some coral sites which are not accessible by land or want to visit the white sandy beaches of Mark Bay in the smallest logging village of Long islands. You require ample of time and lots of traveling.
    just wants to sail
    Andaman Nicobar with 572 odd islands provides ample opportunity for exploration , Fishing , Night Camping , Diving , Sailing etc………….,
    Please note all these expeditions will be conducted after approval from Competent authorities ,
    Condition applies **** 


    Yacht & Sail Boat handling Agency 

    Rod Stewart's famous song "We Are Sailing" gives you a pretty good impression of what to expect using yachts or sailboats to travel the world.
    If it is soothing, enjoyable and adventures. It is hard pre-planning behind the scene. Andaman Escapades have a dedicated team which looks after these requirements (off-shore & land arrangements).
    Services Offered
    and Port Authorities
    Vessel Clearance
    Providing a hassle free Port clearance Service.
    Fuel and Water Bunker age
    Provision for refueling & with water supply. This is purchased after proper inspection for Hygiene.
    Provision for Transportation & Accommodation
    Our operations team in Tour division will suggest you with the best possible accommodation in the Islands. We also have special contracts with some exclusive boutique houses throughout the Andaman Islands. Thus weather you are in South Andaman Islands or in the Northern islands we are fully equipped with the required trained man power to make you guest feel special.
    Auxiliary services
    Laundry and Dry Cleaning, Provisioning of general items on prior order basis.
    What makes us stand apart from other?
    Our Team of sailors who have traveled through out the world, and have hands on experience in sailing in the waters of Andaman Islands. Thus giving you and expedition team a good expedition guide in Andaman Islands.
    Can be a good team to handle crises situation.
    Since we have our own boats, which can be rented for small distance trips it can save a lot of working Cost.
    Yachting and sailing culture.